How to Decorate with Blue Area Rugs: Our Tips and Tricks

No matter what style or color palette you’ve chosen for your home, we would argue that a blue area rug can be a great fit.  It may surprise you, but blue rugs are incredibly versatile and can bring an element of charm to your home that you didn’t expect. Since they are not as common as neutral colors, we are offering our tips and tricks on decorating with blue area rugs. 

Why Buy a Blue Area Rug?

Generally speaking, customers tend to be drawn toward the more neutral colors. And we understand why. Neutrals are much easier to decorate with and can really accommodate all types of styles and colors of homes, so it makes sense why many of our customers would choose the neutral route. However, as we mentioned, we have another option that many might not have thought of – blue. 

Yes, blue. A color you probably didn’t consider – most people haven’t. But blue rugs can actually act as a neutral rug in many ways and can be a great alternative if you want to try something new and different.

The Meaning of the Color Blue

If you remember the color wheel, you’ll recall there are warm colors and cool colors. The warm, of course, are red, yellow, and orange – the colors of the sun. The cool colors are blue, purple, and green – the colors of the sea and earth. Since blue is the color of the ocean and the sky, it gives the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is and will leave a light, airy feeling to your home that will make your guests feel welcomed and relaxed. 

While most may think that putting cool colors in your home will make it seem too cold or less welcoming, that is not the case. Not only does the color blue create an open feeling in the house, but it also represents freedom and a journey, bringing life to the room and leaving you feeling inspired as you pass through each day.

Color Palettes That Pair with Blue Rugs

We’ve mentioned that the color blue can act as a neutral, and it’s true! That’s because it goes with any other color on the color wheel, meaning you can choose a blue rug and pair it with entirely neutral tones, and the space will come together beautifully. Or, you can go with more earth tones to go for an ocean theme, helping them complement that relaxing, open space you were longing for. If you feel like going a little bolder, you can go directly across the color wheel and accent your blue rug with pops of orange. It may sound like an interesting choice, but remember, colors don’t have to match – they just have to go together, which blue and orange absolutely do, and they look great doing it. 

What Rooms Can I Decorate with a Blue Area Rug?

The best part about blue area rugs is that you can pretty much put them wherever you’d like. An obvious choice is the living room. Our selection of area rugs come in any size you need to accommodate the size and shape of your living room – we recommend filling the entire open area to give the illusion of that open space. If any of our rugs don’t meet the size of your living room, we can resize most of them for a small fee or create a custom rug just for you. The blue will act as an accent piece, bringing out the decor in your living room to make the room pop.

Another excellent choice for your blue rug is in the kitchen. True, you need to be careful on location for this one, but you can still find the right place where stains aren’t prominent such as under your table or by the sink. We recommend keeping it away from the stove and cooking area to avoid unnecessary stains.

You can check out our tips for cleaning your blue rug here.

Types of Decor Styles Best Suited for Blue Rugs

We may sound like we are repeating ourselves, but let us say it one more time just for good measure – blue rugs can act as a neutral color. We talked about how they go with essentially any color in any room, but they also go with any type of decor. Naturally, if you have a coastal home or a home by the lake, a blue rug is a no-brainer – but maybe you have a modern farmhouse where a blue rug seems like the wrong choice? It’s not – the natural wood elements alongside the other neutral tones are just begging for that pop of color, and blue is a safe yet bold choice, not to mention that boho and mid-century mod are where blue rugs really feel welcome and right at home.

Decorating with Blue Area Rugs Leaves Room for Creativity

Our wide selection of blue rugs will accommodate all of our customers and each of their individual wants and needs. We know not everyone has the same taste or style, so we’ve created a selection of blue area rugs to match every personality. Each of these patterns tells a different story. Some are more friendly and bubbly, while others are more tame and serene – it’s all about finding the one (or two) that speak to you. With all the different styles and patterns we offer, from patchwork to striped to plain, we are confident you will find the right rug for your space.