Giant flower carpet in Belgium

The Brussels Flower Carpet opened on Aug. 14 at the Grand-Place in the center of Brussels, this year celebrating the 50th anniversary of Turkish immigration in Belgium.

This year, around 600,000 begonias make up an ephemeral tapestry inspired by the geometric patterns of Turkey’s famous kilim (carpets), according to Philippe Close, Deputy Burgomaster for Tourism of the City of Brussels, during an interview with Xinhua.

Giant flower carpet in Belgium inspired by famous Turkish kilims for immigration anniversary

The flower carpet is 75 meters long and 25 meters wide, with more than 1,800 square meters of begonias, Close said.

He added that visitors will have the opportunity to admire this astonishing display until Aug. 17, “to sense all its tones and all its nuances, whether from the Grand-Place itself or from above, from the balcony of the City Hall of Brussels.”

On July 16, 1964, Belgium and Turkey signed a bilateral convention which led to Turkish immigration in Belgium. Today, over 220,000 Turkish-born individuals are residing in Belgium and migration from Turkey continues.